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Since its creation in September 2000, the Kingwood Area SN Council advocated the following projects.

·      Replacing a Harris County Library as a joint venture between the county and the city with The City of Houston to provide a new 30,000 square foot facility.

·      The construction of a City of Houston Community Center in the Kingwood area.

·      Extending Kingwood Drive as a four-lane roadway with median from Willow Terrace to Hidden Lakes Drive.

·      Constructing access improvements on Kingwood Drive for vehicles entering and leaving Kingwood High School.

·      Extending North Park Drive as a four-lane roadway with median from West Lake Houston Parkway to Mills Branch Drive.

·      Constructing a Skateboard Park in Kingwood.

·       Constructing numerous sidewalk projects.

·       Synchronizing traffic signals on Kingwood Drive from Mills Branch Drive to Loop 494.

·       Repaired grade crossings on major Kingwood entrances (in cooperation with Union Pacific).

·       Constructed a protected right-hand turn lane on Loop 494 at Hamblen Rd.

·       Constructed numerous left and right-hand turn lanes to improve traffic flow throughout the community, including increased storage capacity for turning vehicles.

·       Repairing Kingwood streets as necessary with full-depth concrete.

·       Overlaying asphalt for streets in older sections of the community.

·       Constructing new drainage culverts to replace older ineffective ones.

·       Projects sponsored by the Lake Houston Redevelopment Authority to improve traffic mobility in the Kingwood Area.





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